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Coffee • story

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"Café" (Coffee) (originally from Greece language "Kaweh" means "power and the passion". Salamanders of the genus coffee trees are evergreen shrubs of the family, everyday drinking coffee is made from coffee beans with a variety of different cooking utensils made out of coffee beans is the fruit of the coffee tree nuts, using appropriate methods of baking baking together.

Shennong tasting herbs in ancient China, and documenting, understanding of the system so that the descendants of many plants can. Shennong no such people in the Western world, but left no written records, so about the origin of coffee various legends. One of the most widespread and the public loved the story of the Shepherd. Legend has it that a shepherd, Shepherd, when stumbled upon his sheep jumping dance, a closer look, the original sheep is eating a red fruit that caused a funny weird. He tried to gather some of the red fruit back to boil, did not think a room full of aromatic, after boil juice drink is refreshing, refreshing, since then, this fruit is used as a refreshing drink, and popular.


The ancient Arabs as early as after the beans are boiled, dried, as stomach juices to drink, thought to aid digestion. Turns out coffee or have a refreshing effect, and because the Muslim pilgrims drinking is strictly prohibited, thus replacing alcoholic beverages with coffee, often as a refreshing drink to drink. After the 15th century, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca have been coffee back to their place of residence, coffee spread to Egypt, and Syria, and Iran and Turkey and other countries. Coffee into Europe land Dang attributed to Turkey at of e figure Mann Empire, due to addicted to drink coffee of e figure Mann army West levy Europe land and in local stationed number years of long, in army last evacuation Shi, left has including coffee bean zainei of large supplies products, Vienna and Paris of people to with these coffee bean, and by Turkey people there get of Cook experience, and development out European of coffee culture. War was captured and destroyed, but accidentally brought a culture of Exchange and integration, this is unexpected by the rulers.


Westerners are familiar with the coffee has a history of 300 years, however in the East, the coffee in front of a more distant era of popularity as a beverage in all sectors of society. Coffee appears and the exact time as early as 8th century BC, but as early as in the works of Homer (Greece poets birth year disputed, more authority was born in 744 BC---a translator's note) and many of the old Arab legend, has described a magical, color black, astringent, and strongly stimulate power drink. Around the 10th century AD, Avicenna (Avicenna, 980-1037, one of the leading master of the ancient Islamic world, philosophers, doctors, theorists and so on---translator's note) in the drug treatment of diseases with coffee. Also has a derived from 15th century of strange story, legend a Yemen Shepherd saw group goat from a bundle shrubs Shang title fell color micro-red of Berry, soon these goat became anxious disturbed, excited was, this Shepherd put this pieces thing report to has one repair Taoist (in Middle East and Western ancient repair Taoist is master knowledge of upper class---translator note), the repair Taoist will some Berry Cook cooked, then refined out a taste bitter, effort foot of, can drive sleepy and sleep of beverage.


Although coffee is found in the Middle East, coffee trees originated in Africa is now the region of Ethiopia called Kaffa, from coffee to Yemen, Arabian Peninsula and Egypt, and it was in Egypt, coffee develops very rapidly, and soon pop into people's daily lives.

To the 16th century, the early traders in Europe selling coffee, coffee as a beverage by introducing Western customs and life. Most of the coffee exports to Europe from Alexandria and Smyrna (Turkey West port---, translator's note), but with the growing market demand, high tariffs imposed by the port of import and export, as well as the enhancement of knowledge the field of coffee trees grow, coffee dealers and scientists began experimenting with porting to other countries. Netherlands people in they of overseas colonial (Batavia and claw Wow, straddling Batavia that now Indonesia capital Jakarta of old said---translator note), French 1723 in Martinique (is located in Latin America), and then and in Ann of Antilles Islands (is located in West Indies---translator note) are transplant has coffee tree; later British, Spain people and Portugal people began occupation Asia and America tropical coffee planting district.


1727 northeastern Brazil started the coffee, but bad weather made the crop gradually shifted to other regions, was originally in Rio de Janeiro, end up in São Paulo and Minas Chau (approximately 1800-1850), where coffee has found its ideal growing conditions. Coffee grown here, until we become Brazil's most important source of income.

It was in 1740 to 1850th coffee is grown in Central and South America reached its popularity the most.


Although coffee was born in Africa, but cultivation and domestic consumption are of relatively recent introduction. In fact, Europeans put coffee back to old haunts, to introduce it into their colony, where, due to the favorable land and climatic conditions, coffee was able to flourish.