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How to make good coffee at home?

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1. see a friend buy coffee powder, I suggest people in large and medium cities, conditional or buy fresh grinding coffee beans themselves better. Making a good cup of coffee, the most basic is to have fresh quality coffee beans.

2. the mill bought ensures uniform thickness of grinding of the coffee powder. If the mill is not uniform, it will produce enough coffee "pure." Because the contact area is different, and at the same time, hot water from the coarse-ground coffee in much less than fine powder extract flavor. When the time arrived to meals in the "good taste" extract full time, has been extracted from fine powder too much – there will be some undesirable taste. Hand made items mainly to taste a coffee flavor, and coffee flavor is one of the seven characteristics of amplification to savor. So it should be uniform and not try to extract flavor mix.

3. water. Now we all pay attention to drinking water with soft water, soft sailor washed taste better. Water temperature in the 85~90℃, high temperatures can cause coffee smell, temperature is too low the coffee an unpleasant sour taste (the right coffee production will have a touch of sour, but the sour pleasant like a touch sour fruit).

4. pay attention to the Cup warmer. Hand washed all the apparatus used in the process to ensure that the temperature, taste more mild coffee produced.

5. hand-drawing with small mouth pot, can be purchased separately-specific, common containers can also be chosen instead, as long as flushing water flows fine and stable. Must of course be as insulated as possible.

6. in my experience, every 15 grams of coffee brewing gets 150ml coffee is more appropriate.

Left of is some simple process has: put filter paper Pu into filter Bowl, added few water, let filter paper "break", and filter Bowl Zhijian no bubble; mill good coffee powder uniform loaded into which (this process called cloth powder, was think powder heap Middle uplift can made better taste of coffee, and some people is think powder heap Middle should dug a pit...... This on see personal understanding's); put 90 ℃ around of hot slowly rushed into coffee powder, water control in just has a drops from powder heap of bottom drops Xia; static reset 40 seconds around, let coffee powder full absorption hot (then, if coffee powder enough fresh, will see coffee powder obviously expansion); put filter Bowl following Sheng received coffee of vessels empty (including temperature Cup with of hot and just drops Xia of a drops for soaking coffee of that drops hot); water temperature in this 40 seconds time within probably down to 85 ℃, just for began hand rushed From pink flushed the water slowly in a direction away from the center circle, round and round ... ... Well, drink.