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Coffee grounds have unknown 3 application

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Enjoy a delicious coffee, don't lose the remaining residue, which is rich in antioxidants and alkaloids, Taiwan "Chinese health network" summed up the coffee grounds several magical for us.

Application 1: exfoliate. Coffee grounds are good material to exfoliate, and associate it with the shower gel and rub massage the body can remove aging cuticle, making the skin smooth and firm, delicate shiny.

Application 2: moisture and deodorizing. Coffee grounds have many small pores, absorb moisture and odor. Put dry coffee grounds in the Cup into the refrigerator, microwave oven, can remove a mixture of food odor; put it in the toilet could replace chemical fragrances; wardrobe, shoes Cabinet, the car also has a good deodorant effect. Best change in two or three days to avoid moldy after water absorption.

Application 3: natural fertilizers and pesticides. United States Ohio State University study found that coffee grounds contain about 2% of nitrogen, organic substances can be turned into fertilizer, is a safe and environmentally-friendly fertilizer. Taiwan National Chung Hsing University, Associate Professor, Department of soil science Huang Yuming pointed out, whether it is dry or wet coffee grounds can be, as long as the tile on the top layer of soil, so that it can provide nutrients for the plants to break down, but a lot of crops are not recommended.

In addition, due to the alkaloid-containing coffee grounds can be used as natural pesticides. First the coffee residue is dried and milled, then add water to cover, boil coffee cool water in a spray bottle, spray on plant insect where deworming effect, spray two or three days at a time.