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The human benefits of coffee contains caffeine

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Component of coffee, caffeine is the most controversial. In various statements, both good and bad, let us one by one and see!

The benefits of caffeine on the body

Effects on the brain:

Caffeine stimulates the cerebral cortex, feeling, judgment, memory, feelings, activities, makes the spirit well, can also treat migraines of vascular contraction.

Influence on the heart:

Heart function became more lively, blood vessels expand and reduce edema due to heart disease.

Effects on muscle:

Caffeine can also reduce muscle fatigue, increased muscle contractions can stimulate the athlete to create better results.

Effects on the stomach:

Promote the secretion of the digestive tract, helps digestion, improve bowel movement, helps people with constipation.

Effects on the kidney:

Promote kidney function and help the body excrete excess sodium ions, have a diuretic effect.

It is said that coffee can help thinking, reduce the proportion of depression and suicide. But these advantages, provided that the "moderate" as a result of drinking coffee. Excessive drinking of coffee if harm occurs.