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Coffee is good medicine

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Coffee is good medicine

-A kind of exotic tropical plants, coffee was introduced very late in this country, has little record in the classics of traditional Chinese medicine. But in recent years, ranked one of the world's three major beverages the coffee gradually by people like, a major daily in hot drinks. Today they talk about coffee taste from a TCM perspective, and links to health.

From the Chinese perspective, special aromatic and bitter coffee, Chinese medicine, aromatic materials have a refreshing effect, bitter heart, drink coffee, refreshment, relief of tired, extremely suitable for Office workers. Current medical research also believes that coffee is easy to cross the blood-brain barrier, stimulates central nervous system, can make the mind more awake, the reaction sensitivity, increase professional efficiency.

Coffee drugs pungent, effect of wet, Wen-Yang, in the interest of the kidney-Yang, water use, and can progress to urinate, to improve bloating, bloated. The usage of Cistanche deserticola temperature similar to the proprietary Chinese medicines, which currently are with coffee of traditional Chinese medicine treating damp-heat diarrhea or prostate increases with humid, effect is very good. More prostate patients, often drinking coffee there is still pain, and increased resistance.

Coffee can also rapid metabolism, effects of Xifeng zhijing. Stroke, Parkinson's disease, such as fainting, trembling, paralysis, for specific display condition, average wind, cramps range of Chinese medicine, coffee can be consumed in moderation. Current TCM research, broad beans and coffee go together, can effectively control the shaking, prevention of Parkinson's disease.

Coffee was good, drinks should also promote every morning, drink 1 Cup, meaning excessive drinking normal rest, declining pregnancy rate among women, and probably formed the osteoporosis. In addition, perfect with a bit of milk when you drink coffee, more middle-aged people, not only to dilution, that tastes better lubricating and circulating calcium to prevent bone and prevent osteoporosis.